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About Us

Our Beginning 

The Center for Neurosciences Foundation is the brainchild of several Neurologists, Neurosurgeons, and Pediatric Neurologists from the Center for Neurosciences. We created this non-profit foundation in 2010 to support research and education in the neurosciences and to raise awareness of diseases of the nervous system. Our mission includes engaging people in learning about development and lifelong care of the brain and nervous system. 


Our Vision 

Everyone will have the tools to attain an optimally developed and functioning brain and nervous system, to the peak of their potential, for the full extent of their lifetime. This starts right here in Southern Arizona.  

Our Mission 

​Universal access to information about the many things that affect the brain and nervous system, e.g. prenatal care, early nurturing, nutrition, physical activity, literacy and education, creative pursuits, and environmental and community well-being.


Our Team 
Board of Directors
Abhay Sanan, MD - Center for Neurosciences (President) 
Nadia Fike, MD, PhD - Center for Neurosciences
Reema Jaggi - Iridius Capital
Lynne Oland, PhD - University of Arizona
Sergio Rivero, MD - Center for Neurosciences
Amy Tees, NP - Center for Neurosciences
Michael Badruddoja, MD - Center for Neurosciences

Rajendran Subramaniam - IBM 

David Teeple, MD - Center for Neurosciences
Dorothy Johnson, MD, FAAP - retired
Penelope Stuart - University of Arizona, Neuroscience and Cognitive Science
Erin Choi - University of Arizona, Psychology

Graduate Student Associates

Michael Cardenas, University of Arizona, Neuroscience GIDP
Wesley Schnapp, University of Arizona, Neuroscience GIDP
Adrian Pena, University of Arizona, Neuroscience GIDP

Susan Hopkinson - Center for Neurosciences (Director of Fundraising and Operations) 

100% of your donation goes to The Center for Neurosciences Foundation projects.  We find other ways to pay for our staff, marketing expenses, and other costs.

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