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Don't ditch your resolutions just yet! Re-think them!

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Let’s face it! By now, most of us have made and broken several New Year’s resolutions. Psychological research shows almost 90% of us fall in the category of people who do this every year. That number may be even higher this year because it is really hard just to be a human right now. 2020 took a toll on our health, mental health, finances, and general capacity for handling strife and hardship. So, no, you are not a loser if you did not yet manage to lose a pound a day, or raise enough money for your cause, or do an obscene number of Burpees, or if you broke down and had that burger on your no-meat day. You are not a loser if you have already given up on (stupid) resolutions and see no hope of keeping them.