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The Tucson Festival of Books and The Brain Bus

Do you want to give your child a head start in life? If you do, the best way to accomplish this is to read to them when they are an infant. The moment they start to express themselves verbally they begin to develop their language skills. Reading to your child helps them develop their vocabulary. It only takes 15 to 20 minutes a day to make a significant difference in your child’s potential future success in school and in their life experiences. As they begin to understand what is being read to them it helps develop their imagination and the creative part of their personality.

An excellent way to expose your child to books and reading is to attend the Tucson Festival of Books. The Festival is being held on Saturday March 14 and Sunday March 15, 2020 on the University of Arizona mall. The Festival has a dedicated children’s section and an interactive science venue and is free to attend. There are free books given away in the children’s section as well as presentations by authors of children’s books. The Center for Neurosciences Foundation (CNSF) has participated in the Festival for the last four years and will be there again this year, in the Science City portion of the Festival. CNSF brought The Brain Bus to the Festival last year with exhibits on literacy and the brain. This year, The Brain Bus will again be at the Festival, with information and activities focusing on how nutrition and exercise benefit the brain. Certainly, good eating habits and physical exercise are good for the brain. Reading to your child or having your child read to you is an excellent way for them to exercise the brain itself. We hope to see you and your child at The Tucson Festival of Books!

Post authored by Bruce Beach, CPA.


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