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The Brain Bus

Would you like us to come to your school or event?

What is the Brain Bus?

JTED student at corn hole.jpg

The Brain Bus is a mobile neuroscience laboratory that empowers communities and enriches the lives of Southern Arizonans.  Our curriculum covers K-5, 6-8, and 9-12 grade education, along with adult education. 

Topics include:

  • Prenatal and baby brain development

  • Adolescent brain development

  • Nutrition

  • Physical activity

  • Injury prevention

  • Literacy

  • The aging brain

  • Disease prevention

  • Common clinical disorders

  • and more!

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Three of our board members, Abhay Sanan, MD, Nadia Fike, MD, PhD and Lynne Oland, PhD, are uniquely qualified to oversee this project.  As physicians, Dr. Sanan and Dr. Fike see the effects of brain and nervous system diseases every day.  As scientists, Dr. Fike and Dr. Oland have studied the cells of the brain and nervous system, as well as the functional circuits that process information, cognition, and mediate behavior. 

Brain Bus Goals

  • Provide a school and family-friendly setting filled with content-rich, enjoyable activities that engage K-12 student to learn about the brain health.

  • Increase public awareness of the amazing capacity of the brain, how it develops, how it ages, and how to protect it.

  • Create opportunities for partnerships with teachers, providers, and non-profit organizations interested in brain health, learning/education, and brain rehabilitation that will bring knowledge about the brain to the public.


New and Improved Brain Bus!



The ceiling of the Brain Bus got a facelift!


Artist: ​Keerthi Kurian, 2020


Previous Brain Bus Events

Before the rush from the side_2.jpg

Pima Air and Space Museum Night Wings

June 15, 2024

The Brain Bus looked right at home, parked among the airplanes in the hangar at the Pima Air and Space Museum. Staff from Whole Foods Market joined the volunteers to lead neuroscience activities and teach 590 visitors about the brain. 

Pima County Libraries

May 4, 2024 Wilmot Library

May 11, 2024 Flowing Wells Library

As part of Pima County Library's Synapse Program, the Brain Bus and dedicated volunteers were invited to provide one-hour of neuroscience activities, followed by a one-hour classroom presentation on Brain Anatomy. Adults and children participated and everyone walked away with a little more knowledge about the Brain. 

Abby with Michigan lady.jpg
Vivi and Abby at white board.jpg
Cat explaining hole in the hand.jpg

JTED Healthcare Health Fair

April 20, 2024

South Tucson's Finest were stumped by the Mirror Boxes. We also met many hard working students hoping to find a future career in health care.  

Fire and police at Mirror Boxes Front.jpg
Stroop Test.jpg

Sahuarita Library

April 17, 2024

It was an hour long drive for the Brain Bus, but our dedicated volunteers traveled even further - from SaddleBrooke to lead Neuroscience activities like the Stroop Test at Sahuarita Library. Adults and children enjoyed an afternoon of brain education. 

All in for Autism

April 13, 2024

Our volunteers engaged with children and their parents, offering education about the brain. We even participated in the dance-a-thon with Wilbur, Wilma, and many of the other attendees. 

Stella and Serena.jpg
4 girls hole in the hand_2.jpg

Vail High School and Academy

April 5, 2024

Students K - 12 and their families visited the Brain Bus to try out a variety of Neuroscience Activities. These four girls were observing the "hole in the hand." 

Tucson Festival of Books

March 9 - 10, 2024


The Brain Bus was at Science City on the U of A mall. Hundreds of people visited to try some  of our fun neuroscience activities and learn about their amazing brains!

From the entrance.jpg
Valeria unwrapping egg.jpg

Be Safe Saturday

March 2, 2024 


This year, the event was held at Tucson Mall, where we were showing kids and their families how to keep their brains protected and encouraging helmet wearing. Participants created "helmets" for raw eggs and we dropped them off a ladder. Many of the eggs didn't survive the fall. 

Tucson Children's Museum, Family SciFest

February 17, 2024

Children young and and old flocked to the Brain Bus to enjoy the activities. Volunteers were happy to spend a beautiful day outdoors.  

Abby, Montse and Carolyn.jpg

University of Arizona, Arizona Bowl Tailgate Festival

December 30, 2023

Football Fans from Laramie Wyoming and Toledo Ohio visited the Brain Bus to visit with volunteers and learn about the brain. We never actually made it to the Football game, but sure had a great time at the Tailgate Festival. 

Joan and Brenda visiting with Wyoming Fan.jpg
Bus and Store.jpg

Whole Foods Market, River and Craycroft

January 20, 2024

The Brain Bus was parked right in front of the store for shoppers to enjoy meeting volunteers and listen to a few rounds of the Brain Bus song by the Sapiens. 

Lexxi and Esther with bean bags_2.jpg

Oro Valley Watermark Community

December 3, 2023

Residents, staff and family members joined our Brain Bus volunteers in the parking lot for neuroscience activities and beautiful weather. 

Pima Community College NW, SARSEF STEM Adventure

November 17, 2023


Students from all over Southern Arizona were bussed to the campus for STEM Adventure. Even the security guard found something new to try. 

Officer Mirror Box_2.jpg
Carolyn explaining hole in the hand.jpg

Optum Community Center

November 15, 2023

Community Center participants took a break from the regularly scheduled activities to join the Brain Bus volunteers and learn about neuroscience.  

Truly Nolen Car Show

November 11, 2023


Beautiful weather greeted the Brain Bus at the Truly Nolen Campus, where the competition for the hottest vehicle was rough. Luckily, there were also plenty of people eager to learn about the brain. 

Little Girl at Mirror Box.jpg
Noah and Dinosaur Boy.jpg

TMC Spooktacular Saturday

October 28, 2023

Costumed children and adults were excited to see the Brain Bus to try out the activities and collect some treats. 

Watermark - Hacienda at the River

October 24, 2023

The Hacienda at the River invited the Brain Bus to attend their health fair. Residents, their family members and staff enjoyed meeting our volunteers and trying out some of the neuroscience activities. 

Jake at Mirror Box_edited_edited.jpg
Girls high 5 in Prism Glasses.jpg

Girl Scout Thin Mint Sprint

September 24, 2023 


Before and after the race, girl scouts and their fans visited the Brain Bus for some Neuroscience activities to learn about the Brain. They found it challenging to high five in prism glasses.  

Pima County Sheriff Department's Badges and Backpacks

June 17, 2023


Students preparing for back to school visited the Brain Bus to participate in Neuroscience activities and create a neuron to attach to their new backpacks. 

Volunteers with Wilbur.jpg
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