Lesson Plans  & Activities

Start with the basics! In this lesson, you will explore the different main parts of the brain and each of their functions. If you have coloring supplies on hand you can do this whole lesson, we've provided all you need! After labeling the brain and completing the worksheet, give the brain challenge a try! For even more exploration, the link will take you to an amazing interactive brain that lets you select parts and discover what they do!

Let's explore the senses, starting with sight and touch! These lessons focus on two of our most used senses, sight and touch. You will learn more about how the senses and our brains work together and will get to do some interesting experiments while you do! Once you've gone through the lessons check out the optical illusions or for the younger ones give the touch worksheet a try! The explore more link will let you get even more in depth on your sense of sight!

Now let's finish the senses; taste, smell and hearing! These lessons will teach you more about our remaining threes senses. We will explore how each one works with our brains and even how they work together! You may want to watch the videos first this time, to get a better understanding before trying the experiments. Then have fun tasting, smelling, and hearing your way through the lessons!

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