The Brain Bus™

Would you like us to come to your school or event?

We are happy to offer live virtual lessons or in-person, COVID restriction friendly demonstrations for your class or group!


What is the Brain Bus?

The Brain Bus is a mobile neuroscience laboratory that empowers communities and enriches the lives of Southern Arizonans.  Our curriculum covers K-5, 6-8, and 9-12 grade education, along with adult education. 

Topics include:

  • Prenatal and baby brain development

  • Adolescent brain development

  • Nutrition

  • Physical activity

  • Injury prevention

  • Literacy

  • The aging brain

  • Disease prevention

  • Common clinical disorders

  • and more!


Three of our board members, Abhay Sanan, MD, Nadia Fike, MD, PhD and Lynne Oland, PhD, are uniquely qualified to oversee this project.  As physicians, Dr. Sanan and Dr. Fike see the effects of brain and nervous system diseases every day.  As scientists, Dr. Fike and Dr. Oland have studied the cells of the brain and nervous system, as well as the functional circuits that process information, cognition, and mediate behavior. 

Brain Bus Goals

  • Provide a school and family-friendly setting filled with content-rich, enjoyable activities that engage K-12 student to learn about the brain health.

  • Increase public awareness of the amazing capacity of the brain, how it develops, how it ages, and how to protect it.

  • Create opportunities for partnerships with teachers, providers, and non-profit organizations interested in brain health, learning/education, and brain rehabilitation that will bring knowledge about the brain to the public.


Introducing the New and Improved Brain Bus!


Artist: ​Keerthi Kurian, 2020

The roof of the Brain Bus got a facelift!

We can't wait until the Brain Bus is back again and available to the public. We hope everyone will get to expereince this amazing artwork and get back to all the fun the bus has to offer. Updates will be made when the Brain Bus is active once again. We hope to see you soon!